• Study in New Zealand

    Future-proof yourself

  • Study in New Zealand

    Enhance your skills

  • Study in New Zealand

    Be work-ready

What can I study?

Our experts can recommend the best study programme in New Zealand based on your profile.

Where can I study?

Right Education NZ has partnered with numerous educational institutions to provide options where you can experience the highest educational standards to make you competitive in the job market after finishing your chosen programme. We will help find the best course and institution for you.

What can we do for you?

Course Selection and Admission

  • We provide professional advice on which course and Institution meets your education, career and personal objectives
  • We will explain to you the application process, the requirements and career options for your chosen course
  • We will arrange and submit your application to your chosen Institution

Pastoral Care

  • As migrants ourselves, we know what you will be going through and can already anticipate what you will need here
  • We are signatories to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students
  • While you are still in your home country, we will look for and recommend possible accommodations for you

After you graduate

  • We will still be here for you if you need any advice and assistance in your Post Study Visa, Work Visa, Residency Visa
  • Let’s celebrate!

Visa Application Assistance

  • Our Licenced Immigration Advisers will give you expert advice on the application procedures and requirements
  • We will process and lodge your Student Visa application to ensure that you meet all the documentary requirements for approval
  • If your family will join you, we will also process their Work Visa, Visitor’s Visa, or Business Visa
  • Should you need any immigration advice during your stay here, our Licenced Immigration Advisers will be available for you

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