Three years ago, I just dreamt of studying and working in New Zealand. Now, everything that has been happening to me seems surreal.

Back in 2017, I was talking to one of my closest friends and I mentioned to her that I wanted to study abroad. I told her that I am considering New Zealand or Korea. Then she told me that she also wanted to move to another country and one of her options is also New Zealand…fast forward to 2020… Both of us are now working here in New Zealand.

It was really a blessing that we were able to meet Tito Jay of Right Education NZ. He has helped us so much from our planning stage, to our studies, and up to now that we are already working. I could not imagine myself coming here in New Zealand without Tito Jay around. I don’t know anyone here in NZ but having him around just gives me assurance and peace of mind. He is like my father here in NZ. The support that he has given me all throughout my journey is really priceless. He is always there literally in my ups and downs.

When I completed my Applied Management Program in Otago Polytechnic, I had this big dream to work in a cosmetics/skin care Industry. I don’t have any experience with that since my work back in Philippines was in Paint/Coatings Industry. I kept sending my CVs to different companies and prayed hard to put me in a company that He wants me to be. It was a huge and unexpected blessing that I was accepted at Lanocorp, a skin care company in Christchurch. Up to now, I still can’t believe that I am able to wake up and do my dream job as a Research & Development Chemist. I thought it will remain to be just a dream. But with the help of Right Education NZ, it is now a reality. I just sincerely believe that when you pray for your dreams, and if it is His will, God will really make a way for you to achieve it. And in the journey of achieving those dreams, He sends people to help you along the way. Tito Jay is definitely one of the instruments that God used to help me to be where I am now. Words are not enough to show my appreciation and gratitude to Right Education NZ. May God continue to bless them as they continue to be a blessing to other dreamers like me.