Everyone has a dream and I am no exception. After I finished my college and finally became a registered nurse, I always thought that going abroad would be very easy taking in consideration those people I know who made it out there just like a walk in the park.

The very first time I travelled internationally and finally pursued my plan of working abroad was back in 2014. I was able to experience how it was like to live abroad, see a different culture, meet people and had the taste of how it was like to be far apart from home.

Since my travel pass was for a limited span of months only, after it had expired, I had to go back home. That experience though had strengthened my desire of working and living abroad. It had started my interest in working so hard just to live that dream.

I had then started looking for better and further options on how I could get there. I looked online and always took every opportunity that I could find whenever I see job postings for abroad especially those in the medical field.

Unfortunately, all of my efforts were mostly in vain. Honestly I got tired and became hopeless as no matter how hard I tried, nothing was paying off. Until I found Right Education NZ and Tito Jay Arañas.

The very first time i made an inquiry, they were able to provide answers to most of my questions and took the extra mile of explaining the process in the most simplified way. It was then that they got my interest further until such time that they finally got my commitment.

I’ve entrusted them with the whole process and I was never wrong for giving them with so much trust after all. They guided me all throughout for a very seamless process up until the time I was finally approved.

Now I am starting to turn my dreams into reality while studying here in New Zealand and I thank Right Education

NZ for this new chapter in my life and career.

Thank You!