When our son was born 2 years ago, my husband and I immediately decided to go overseas and invest for his future. We have chosen New Zealand as one of the best countries to migrate to because of its clean environment, good government and excellent education system. At first, we were so confused and overwhelmed on which track should we follow or which strategy should we take to speed up the process.

And because of this, we felt that we need to consult and to seek guidance from a professional in order to assist us with the steps on how to migrate to New Zealand. Fortunate enough, we met Jay Aranas from Right Education Ltd. NZ and he gave us an honest assessment of our situation and immediately assisted us throughout the process.

The whole process was fast and easy, and Right Education Ltd NZ made sure that I am well informed and guided in every step of the way. Right now, I am finished with my studies and I am on my way to making a better future here in NZ with my husband and son.