• We provide professional advice on which course and Institution meets your education, career and personal objectives
  • We will explain to you the application process, the requirements and career options for your chosen course
  • We will arrange and submit your application to your chosen Institution


  • Our Licenced Immigration Advicers will give you expert advice on the application procedures and requirements
  • We will process and lodge your Student Visa application to insure that you meet all the documentary requirements for approval
  • If your family will join you, we will also process their Work Visa, Visitor’s Visa or Business Visa
  • Should you need any immigration advice during your stay here, our Licenced Immigration Advisors will be available for you


  • As migrants ourselves, we know what you will be going through and can already anticipate what you will need here
  • We are signatories to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students
  • While you are still in your home country, we will look for and recommend possible accommodations for you
  • Upon arrival at the airport, we will be the first to greet you Kia Ora! Welcome to NZ!
  • We will orient you on how things are done here, give you the links that you will need to make your adjustment easier and smoother
  • We will get you a new SIM, Bus card, Library card, assist you in opening a Bank account, get your IRD number. We will also go with you to get your groceries!
  • Before you look for part-time work, we’ll make sure your CV is in NZ format. We can do a mock interview to boost your confidence!
  • We will monitor your progress regularly and have a Flat White.
  • Call us anytime!


  • We will still be here for you if you need any advice and assistance in your Post Study Visa, Work Visa, Residency Visa
  • Let’s Celebrate!