Three years ago, I just dreamt of studying and working in New Zealand. Now, everything that has been happening to me seems surreal. Back in 2017, I was talking to one of my closest friends and I mentioned to her that I wanted to study abroad. I told her that I am considering New Zealand… read more


Highly recommended! Kuya Jay Arañas treats his clients as “FAMILY”. My daughter had complications in her application with just a couple of weeks before deadline, but he provided the much needed support, more than what the service agreement could anticipate to stipulate. I could testify for his genuine desire to help his clients go and succeed in… read more


Everyone has a dream and I am no exception. After I finished my college and finally became a registered nurse, I always thought that going abroad would be very easy taking in consideration those people I know who made it out there just like a walk in the park. The very first time I travelled… read more

Del & Luisa

We would like to thank Mr. Jay Arañas, Managing Director at RIGHT EDUCATION, NZ, Ltd. for making it possible for our son, John, to study in New Zealand, and for always helping him. It was during our first meeting that we were encouraged by YOU to invest in our son’s future in a foreign land… read more


To all who plan to pursue study and work abroad, get in touch with Right Education NZ Ltd., and you will be guided towards the best decision to make. You will not be treated as just a client, but a “family member” whom they will take care of from day 1 and you can count… read more


Thanks sir Jay Arañas of Right Education NZ for helping me in everything that i need here in New Zealand! Last year, i just started studying and now i’m going to work as a Software Engineer in Christchurch! Thank you! read more

Jeff, Alma and Sage

When our son was born 2 years ago, my husband and I immediately decided to go overseas and invest for his future. We have chosen New Zealand as one of the best countries to migrate to because of its clean environment, good government and excellent education system. At first, we were so confused and overwhelmed… read more


Right Education is the best! Jay Arañas is an “action man”. He is very responsive in everything that we need from day one up to now. He gave us this pastoral care that not everyone had experienced. From fetching us from the airport, accompanying us in grocery stores for our basic needs, assisting us in… read more


Thank you Sir Jay for everything!! You are one of the reasons why I am here now in NZ. Very hands-on, recommended and reliable!!! Two thumbs up! read more


Very grateful to Mr. Jay Aranas for all the help he provided me in the pathway i have chosen to take, the student pathway. He laid down my options from the best pathway down to the schools offering the course related to my experience. He had been very “hands on”, making time to personally meet… read more